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Machine learning and ad performance in the past, many advertisers tried to personalize their facebook ads by creating. A high volume of ads and hoping that the right ads would be seen by the right people. But now, facebook’s new machine learning products allow you to refine the personalization process . These products improve performance in relation to high volume of ads and also reduce. The total number of ads to manage. For example, dynamic formats and creatives allow advertisers to automatically customize a single. Ad to display the best format, copy, and creative for a given impression.

Machine learning and ad performance

Meanwhile, dynamic ads allow Austria Business Fax List advertisers to integrate. Their entire catalog into a single ad that shows the most relevant products to each user. For example, british clothing retailer jd williams was able to increase conversions by 21% using. Dynamic creatives and formats in facebook ads. These machine learning-based personalization products are designed to improve performance more effectively than large volumes of ads. Why doesn’t increasing ad volume improve performance? The number of active ads on your page at any given time plays an important role in achieving more predictable, stable, and optimized results.

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Why doesn’t increasing ad volume improve performance?

Every time an ad is shown, facebook’s ad system Mobile Numbers gets more information about the best placements and people to show it to. Thus, the more impressions the ad accumulates, the better the delivery system works to optimize performance on facebook. The problem with increasing ad volume is that when an advertiser has too many ads active at once, each one is shown fewer times. This means that fewer ads accumulate enough “Experience” to get out of the learning phase, and therefore more budget is spent on testing before performance is optimized.

According to data from facebook, four out of ten ads remain in the learning phase , in which the results are not yet optimized. And many of them are from advertisers who have too many active ads at once. For this reason, facebook ads has decided to implement a cap on ad volume based on budget. What is the ad volume allowed by facebook ads? Since an ad’s performance improves the more times it’s shown, advertisers of different sizes should use different ad volumes to improve performance .

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