what are conversion campaigns?

Conversion campaigns within facebook for conversion campaigns on facebook to be effective. We must keep in mind the conversion funnel and what. Type of audience we work with according to our objective. The conversion funnel represents. The phases that the user goes through from the moment they find our product until they buy it. This funnel is made up of three phases: tofu (top of the funnel). Mofu (middle of the funnel) and bofu (bottom of the funnel). Cyberclick conversion funnel tofu is the initial phase in the consumer journey. It will basically depend on the type of content we have at hand and the objective of the campaign.

Conversion Campaigns within Facebook

It begins when the user detects that they have Singapore Business Fax List a need and begins to search for information to solve it. In the mofu phase , the consumer already knows what type of products or services can help him satisfy his need and is evaluating. Therefore, The different options offered by the market. And finally. The bofu is the lowest part of the conversion funnel and is made up of users who have already considered. All the options and are interested in specifically buying our product. Facebook campaigns with the objective of conversion are focused. On the audience that is in the bofu , that is, those who are. Already sure of what they need and are determined to purchase the product or service at any time.

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Types of campaigns for the Conversion objective

To whom present yourself as your Mobile Numbers best option. Facebook & instagram ads course 1# types of campaigns for the conversion objective facebook offers. Three types of campaigns to meet the conversion objective: conversion. Therefore, Drive valuable actions on your website or app. Catalog sales: create ads that automatically display items from your catalog based on your target audience. Visits in the business: show. The ads to those people who are near your physical establishments to encourage them to visit them. The decision on which type of ad to use in these campaigns does not follow any specific criteria, but is entirely our choice.

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