How to Perfect Your Placement Strategy

What are the ad placements on facebook? Facebook’s ad network spans multiple placements , but the option that appears by default when setting up our campaigns is to use automatic placements . In principle, facebook recommends using this option to get more out of your budget, but on many occasions we may want to have more control over where our ads are displayed. In order to edit your locations, you need to click manual locations and check or uncheck the different boxes in the dropdown list below.

What are the ad placements on Facebook?

These are the options available at Dubai Business Fax List the end of may 2020: news section facebook news feed instagram news facebook marketplace facebook video sections facebook right column instagram “Explore” section messenger inbox news from facebook groups stories facebook stories instagram stories messenger stories in-stream facebook in-stream videos look for facebook search results messages messenger advertising messages in articles facebook instant articles apps and websites audience network native, banner and interstitial audience network award winning videos audience network in-stream videos messenger inbox best-placements-for-facebook-ads to better see how each location works, you can check out the preview that appears when you hover over each option.

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Mistakes to avoid

Please note that some locations may not be available Mobile Numbers for certain targets and others are still in testing or available for auto placement . How to manage your ad placements on facebook we are going to see some options based on some ideas that we have collected based on our experience and other experts. Mistakes to avoid typically, marketers using facebook ads tend to fall into one of two extremes: they either never customize placements (and just rely on facebook’s automated placements), or they are too restrictive , sticking to one or two options.

Always showing ads in all placements and not optimizing to focus on the ones that give you the best results means losing efficiency, since it is most likely that there are Facebook advertising placements that give us better results and others that are not profitable for us. On the opposite end of the spectrum, holding on to one or two locations and ditching others can also miss out on opportunities.

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