How does Facebook’s Conversion Lift work to understand the impact of ads on sales?

What is conversion lift? Conversion lift (called “Aumento de las conversiones” in spanish) is a solution designed to measure. The conversion lift generated by an ad campaign , going beyond click-based measures. According to data handled by facebook, 91% of users who could buy a product do not click on the ads. Also, because users use multiple devices throughout their customer journey. Cookies only tell part of the story; in fact. It’s estimated that data based on them misses as many as 37% of conversions.

What is Conversion Lift?

Therefore, conversion lift focuses French Business Fax List on measuring the increase in conversions among users who have seen one of your ads. But have not necessarily clicked on it. To offer greater precision, this system considers that there are three types of conversions.  This is the increase in conversions that we aim to measure (also called “Incremental conversions”).

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How does Conversion Lift work?

Facebook recommends using conversion lift in Mobile Numbers combination with classic attribution models, as the accuracy of this new option is higher but it may take longer to get results. How does conversion lift work? Conversion lift uses a methodology similar to scientific studies , separating users into the experimental group and the control group. After identifying the audience we are targeting and the business objective we want to achieve, facebook randomly separates the audience into the experimental group and the control group .

Then show the ads only to the experimental group and measure the conversion results of both groups (either through the pixelsfrom facebook, an upload of data or events in the app). Finally, facebook compares the conversions in the experimental group and the control group, calculates the increase in conversions in people who have seen the ads and shows the results to the advertiser through ad manager. For example, if the control group converted 100 users and the experimental group converted 150, we would have a 50% increase in conversions.

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