What are the advertising formats of Instagram?

Advertising formats on instagram: ads in stories instagram stories are a worldwide phenomenon, with 500 million daily users ( instagram internal data as of january 2019). Ads in stories have a vertical format and can include both images and videos. These are the instagram recommendations to get the most out of them: keep speed in mind : stories are consumed very quickly, so you’ll have to be vigilant to keep your audience’s attention.

Advertising formats on Instagram: ads in Stories

Use sound : stories with voices or Spain Business Fax List music get better results. Experiment with stickers – stickers look very natural and are a great way to grab attention, but they can also feel inconsistent, so use them carefully. Experiment with text overlays to highlight your key message. Include your brand at the beginning of the content. Consider your goal – if it’s a brand goal, focus your ad on people. If it’s about conversions, focus it on products. Test with the call to action .

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Advertising formats on Instagram: ads in the feed

What advertising formats are there on Mobile Numbers instagram advertising formats on instagram: ads in the feed here. We can choose between 4 main formats: image ads – the simplest format. As static images are the foundation of communication on instagram. You can run ads with square or horizontal images. Instagram recommends making sure that the images represent your brand, using images that convey. A concept, and taking care of the design.

What advertising formats are there on instagram 2 carousel ads : carousel ads allow people to swipe across multiple photos or videos. Take advantage of them to tell a story or to show your product catalog in more detail. Carousel ads appear in a square or vertical format. Example-ad-carousel-tieks video ads – this format harnesses the full power of sight, sound, and motion. Videos can be up to 60 seconds long and must be in square or landscape format.

Instagram-video-advertising-format collection ads – collection ads are designed to encourage users to discover, explore, and purchase products. Use them to tell a story through videos, images, or both. Instagram collection ads how to segment advertising on instagram? For your instagram ad to work, you not only have to get the format right, but also the audience you want to target. Let’s give a quick review of instagram ads targeting criteria: location: especially interesting for local companies or with a limited distribution area.

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