New placements for your Facebook ads (2019)

Ads on facebook search after nearly a year of testing, brands that advertise on facebook can now place ads on instagram explorer and facebook search. Where until now only organic content could appear. According to facebook’s director of products, nipoon malhatra. Tests have shown that both advertisers and users are taking advantage of these ads, so they have decided to launch them on a large scale. Your ads will appear among the results of commercially intent search terms. Searches for products related to e-commerce , retail , or automobiles. At the moment, this location is only available for mobile.

Ads on Facebook Search

Facebook search ads search ads are Switzerland Business Fax List based on the persona-based targeting options. Chosen by the advertiser plus a series of relevant keywords. These keywords are chosen by facebook, not the advertiser, and take into account. A number of factors such as ad text, product, category, title, and description. This new facebook ad placement is a great advantage for advertisers who are running. Campaigns related to product sales or conversion . Now, marketers have direct access to users who are actively searching for products and services within this social network. In a location that is not yet saturated with advertising.

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Announcements in the Groups tab

Announcements in the groups tab Mobile Numbers this location is still in testing phase and can be accessed by a small group of advertisers through ads manager . Allows you to place ads on the groups tab. Where users can see content from all the groups they belong to. According to the facebook product manager melisa tomak, at the moment it is a test with the aim of deciding. If these ads are beneficial for both users and advertisers. In order to use this option, advertisers selected for the test must choose facebook feed and group feed as placements.

The targeting options are the same as for the rest of the ads, that is, there are still no additional options based on the groups to which the user belongs. This novelty fits with the strategy of giving more prominence to the groups that facebook has launched this year. Many brands have found that groups are a great way to improve their organic reach in the face of changes to the news feed algorithm, so there’s a good chance users will react positively to advertising in this placement.

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