Use Up-Selling and Cross-Selling at a hotel reception?

Use Up-Selling, It is not new that the first to have personal contact with hotel guests are the receptionists. For that reason, perhaps our reception staff is the best basis that our hotel company has to have a second opportunity to implement Up-Selling and Cross-Selling techniques . We talk about a second chance because, as I explained in my previous post, I assume that our hotel website already has Up and Cross Selling strategically integrated into it. Thanks to the correct implementation of these techniques, both on the website and in the establishment itself, we will be able to improve the commercial results of our hotel. It is not new that the first to have personal contact with hotel guests are the receptionists. For that reason, perhaps our reception.

How to motivate reception staff to increase hotel

Those of us who are dedicated to this world of hospitality, for some time, know email database that today a receptionist is much more than a simple concierge or person in charge of check-in or check-out. Use Up-Selling.  That authentic professional can be anything from a tour guide to the main person in charge of managing all the establishment’s reservations. The receptionist is at all times the visible face of the hotel and responsible for taking care of the reputation of our brand. But, above all, the first person with whom our clients will have direct contact when arriving at the establishment. Some suggestions that you should keep in mind (Up and Cross Selling): Train reception staff in Up and Cross Selling techniques and the different options or strategies they can implement.

What commercial techniques do you use at your hotel reception?

Keep in mind, in all the hotel’s commercial strategies, that Up and Cross Mobile Numbers Selling are not only to increase income, but must also be a way to customer satisfaction. Develop an incentive program for front office staff. Always stay informed of actual availability. It is important that before each shift you check if there is any type of room that is not available, a service that cannot be provided at that time or a product that has been sold out. Know the characteristics of all the hotel’s extra products and services, to detect which may be the best complement for each client. Keep the inventory of extra products up to date and complementary services updated, always taking into account the season and the demand that may exist for them.

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