What is neuromarketing and how to apply it

In either of the two, you will find it in the application. Therefore, store. Once. Therefore, downloaded, you will only have to do a fairly simple registration in which you confirm your phone number along with some. Therefore, information. When you’re done, you can start! Both at that moment and whenever the application notifies you that it is time to upload your BeReal, you will have two minutes to do so.


What is neuromarketing

As long as the timer is running, you can repeat the photos until you company data find the right one, but you  simple, because the number of attempts you make will be shown to other users when you upload your photo. If 2 minutes seems like too little, remember that the idea is to capture as authentic a moment as possible. So, it doesn’t matter if the photo is perfect!


Examples of neuromarketing in everyday life

In case you don’t have your. Therefore, mobile device within reach when you receive the notification, or you simply can’t take Mobile Numbers the photo at that moment, it’s okay, you can do it when you have the availability. But keep in mind. Therefore, that the time it takes will be reflected in your publication.

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