Don’t say YES when you want to say YES

If you have read or ever heard of the book.This title will surely have caught your attention. And that is why you will have clicked. Or maybe because you read me regularly.Can you tell me below.I have only been an active and committed “blogger.f\For 4 weeks and I have already had the pleasure of receiving messages and calls proposing .Collaboration for certain projects . This has put me .On a cloud of excitement and .Sugar that I can’t get off of. I am delighted and very grateful.

Why YES I mean YES?Don't say

If I’m honest, Don’t sayI’m not used to people .Looking for me .Out there and, even less, to wanting to. Share with me and .Collaborate with their .Personal projects. Having someone trust .You with what they are .Excited .About is reason enough to want to participate.Because excitement is contagious . Thinking that every. Project has a future if the industry email list effort, interest, .Enthusiasm and resources required for it are. Dedicated to it is .Another of the reasons that .Lead me to want to say .YES. Hahahahaha, 

Why should I NOT say YES? Don't say

But, of course, you can’t say YES to every project they tell you about. Rather, I think you should not say .YES and it is not a .Question solely of yourself or of saturation or distribution of hours, but of respect for what you believe in and.Dbove all.For the person who has trusted you. . What do you think of these reasons.Out of humility. One must be humble enough to Mobile Numbers accept that one cannot be everywhere and that “she who is itchy in many places is called a fool.” (Well, I don’t think the.Don’t say saying is like that, but you understand me.Right?). Since we cannot be everywhere.If we try to, we end up being victims of our .Own ego.Don’t saypoisoning our dreams and the projects we work on.

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