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While the Support team is always available to provide. Therefore, customer support when there are questions or issues to resolve, the Success team ensures that there are no questions or issues before the customer has to contact Support. It is truly a job that demands attention. Therefore, throughout the entire customer journey, thus ensuring an excellent experience at all points of interaction with the business.


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Cared for and special, but also to structure internal training. Therefore, that provides talent executive data with relevant information about the reason for being and the principles of the business. For example, the Customer Success. Therefore, Manager must know in detail the policies and values ​​that guide corporate activity, so that he can instruct his team on the best way to detect customer demands and expectations to avoid possible refunds or purchase cancellations.

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In this situation, managers need to. Therefore, recruit Mobile Numbers professionals from their team who are more aligned with the specific project and refer other collaborators to projects in line with their skills and competencies. This is. Therefore, especially important to synchronize all processes and ensure that the customer experience is positive and unforgettable, as we will see below. Having strong and well-defined pillars is, therefore, essential so that interactions are always coherent.

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