For B2B marketers search ads offer a great

Search ads are the ads you see appear within the search engine results pages. Most often they appear as text at the top of the page. There’s a small amount of copy and if you click through you’ll be directed to the advertizer’s site.

Opportunity for visibility within the search engine results pages. For newer companies who haven’t yet been established long enough for their SEO strategy to have helped, PPC is a great option for getting eyes on your service or product.

Search ads are keyword-focused. You’ll pick a selection of keywords that will trigger your ad to appear when searched by a user.

The most popular search ad provider is Google Ads, but there are many options to consider depending on which search engine your target audience uses.

Display Ads

Display ads are a type of graphic paid advertising. They’re the image-led ads you see appear all over the internet on other websites.

Most often, display ads are used as a form of. This is when a user has already visited your website and you want your brand to stay in their mind. You can use Cape Verde B2B List display ads to “follow” around users who have previously been to your site.

Display ads are a great tool for building brand awareness. They’re completely free to use unless someone clicks on them. So they’re a cost-effective solution to achieve this.

You can also target display ads based on the demographics and interests of your target audience. As well as basing it on other sites your target audience has visited, such as competitor sites.

As above, the most popular display ad provider is Google Ads. They display ads across a network of 2 million websites.

Social Ads

Social ads are adverts that appear on social media channels. Most often this is within users’ natural news feeds.

There are different types of ads available for each different platform. For example, on Facebook, you can place ads during videos while Twitter doesn’t have this functionality. The most common type of ad is a sponsored post.

This is where you take one of your posts and pay for it to appear in front of your target audience. Your target audiences can be based on location, interests, demographics, and behavior. For LinkedIn, you can also target based on companies and contacts.

Social media ads on the right platform are a great tool for getting your content in front of your target audience.

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Talk to a B2B Digital Marketing Consultant

As you can see, there are many different types of B2B digital marketing channels. As such, a successful B2B digital marketing strategy should include the various channels and follow the best practices for each.

This can be overwhelming, especially Mobile Numbers for those new to the B2B marketing realm. If you’d like help with this, to speak to a B2B digital marketing consultant who can help you create a bespoke marketing strategy.

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