Dominates Product Niches SEO Case Study

Like many other successful affiliate websites, it started by just reviewing televisions. It’s best known for its straight-to-the-point, in-depth, and data-driven reviews. However, unlike Wirecutter, doesn’t come up in conversations in SEO communities during discussions on affiliate marketing or case studies in general. But there’s a lot to learn from its website’s success. When I started my research, Dominates Product something that impressed me the most was its website structure and the usage of programmatic SEO. Here are the most interesting takeaways.

A properly planned

Website structure is invaluable when building your SEO foundation. It helps visitors and search engines quickly discover and navigate content while supporting your executive data SEO efforts. But it’s easier said than done, especially when designing one for a large website. The approach needs to be scalable by keeping the future of the website in mind. With over 20K+ indexed pages (based on the site: search operator), requires a robust website structure to win on the SERPs. And it’s nailed it. Let’s understand its structure better by analyzing its “tv” subfolder, which has over 2.1K pages and is responsible for 23% of the total organic traffic.

Dominates Product the best

Television that fits your budget and requirements likely starts with broader search queries than specific product reviews. It can be on the basis of the size of the TV (e.g., best 65 inch tv), on the Mobile Numbers usage (e.g., best tv for playstation), or refresh rate (e.g., best 120 hz tv). In fact, has content for six such overarching parameters with a proper subfolder for each. With so many products on the market and more released every other day, it only makes sense to compare one with the other before making a purchase decision. But covering all of this content usually requires a huge team of writers. This brings the question of whether complete human content curation is necessary in this case.

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