Best Affiliate Marketing Tools & How to Use Them

When it comes to affiliate marketing, tools are your friends. They can help you get more traffic and do your job both faster and easier—especially as your business scales up. I’ve been building and growing affiliate websites for nearly a decade and have recently made a “multiple six-figure” exit from one of my websites. If it wasn’t for the following tools that I used on a daily basis, this wouldn’t have been possible. Let’s dive into the list. Ahrefs is an SEO Best Affiliate tool capable of helping you with nearly any SEO task you can think of. I use Ahrefs for a lot of things when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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Just one or two to show you. That said, the task I find myself doing most often is running a content gap analysis for keyword research. A content gap analysis is the company data easiest way to quickly find high-value affiliate keywords. It will show you exactly what your competitors’ best keywords are. First, plug your website into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer. Then, click “Competing domains” on the left-hand menu. This will show you your top competitors based on your current Google keyword rankings. Now that you see your competitors, right-click the Content Gap tool and open a new tab (below the “Competing domains” button). Copy-paste three or more competing URLs from the Competing Domains report into the tool.

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Website is in the “But the following target doesn’t rank for” box and click “Show keywords.” Let me start by saying that WordPress is the most used content Mobile Numbers management system (CMS) in the world and the one I recommend for affiliate marketers. I use it on all my websites after all. Because of that, I will be recommending a lot of WordPress plugins. Chief among those are SEO plugins like Rank Math or SEOPress. I used to use Yoast SEO, as it was the only SEO plugin available that did what it did for a long time. However, I prefer the others because I like their UIs better. Personal preference. Whichever plugin you choose, the use case is the same.

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