You better know what the optimal ratio

What is a gif? An animat  gif (graphics interchange format) is a particular format available since 1987 for digital images that allows the display of a maximum of 256 colors. Yes. The colors. How many colors to include in a gif? If you want to create animat  gifs. You better know what the optimal ratio is between color rendering . Image size and weight . Only a professional can pass on knowl ge and skills to help you work. Saving time without losing quality. Learn to create videos. Animat  gifs. And cinemagraphs with adobe photoshopfor example. By attending the photoshop for video. Animat  gif and cinemagraph course (also available in the virtual classroom) you could also learn that there is a technique for simulating a greater number of simultaneous colors call  dithering : you can combine pixels of different colors. Obtaining an effect visual similar to the screening of four-color printing.

It is a digital photograph in which there is a small


 You should know. However. That this system tends to grain the image. You will have to learn when it is appropriate africa email list to use dithering and when the result is better without using this technique. Stop scrolling with cinemagraph learn to create videos. Animat  gifs. And cinemagraphs with adobe photoshopwe are talking about attracting attention with an image that is not an image. In the first half second it seems static. Then it moves a small portion. It is a digital photograph in which there is a small repetitive movement that gives the observer the illusion of observing a video.

Which requires method and professionalism


 The format is the same as gifs . The creation is a little less easy. But very fun. Emanuele ravera . Adobe certifi  espero teacher Mobile Numbers for online photoshop courses . Explains this very useful professional trick: ” making a cinemagraph is not complicat . But attracting attention and being sure that the user is attract  by something truly amazing is something more . Which requires method and professionalism: you will have to choose a nice video and decide which aspect you want to draw attention to. You will have to use photoshop to do the movement processing and to optimally dose the size. Weight of the image and resolution.

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