Slack Communities for SEOs and Digital Marketers

The era of messaging apps is on the rise. Juniper research predicts a huge increase in the adoption of mobile messenger apps from 2.3 billion unique users in 2016 to 4.2 billion in 2021. That’s an 83% increase in five years! Slack is one of those messaging apps. It’s a place where you can communicate with various teams, collaborate on projects, and much more. But what are Slack communities? In essence, they’re similar to Facebook groups, but they exist on Slack. Each Slack community is based around a specific topic (e.g., link building) and provides a place for members to share knowledge and insights about said topic. Members can also message other members directly.

Unlike Facebook groups

Slack communities are typically broken down into a number of different channels. Think of these as sub-groups within the main Slack community. If you can’t imagine executive email list your life without SEO and digital marketing but you’re not a big social network fan, Slack communities can come in handy. I handpicked the list below with one goal: find the communities that bring the highest value for members in terms of: The quality of the information offered; The activity level within the community Most Slack channel owners are also admins. You can join the workspace after filling in the form or leaving your email on a registration page. The Online Geniuses community emerged from a Skype chat. Its owner, David Markovich, created the chat to connect with other great minds in the digital marketing industry.

When the group reached

Over 300 members, David started looking for a more robust platform with more opportunities for sharing opinions and experience. Slack was the Mobile Numbers obvious choice. The workspace has now grown into a strong community of great marketers, SEOs, and other IT professionals. One of the best things about the Online Geniuses community is that each applicant is manually vetted. Since inception, over 1.5 million messages have been sent inside the The BigSEO Slack workspace emerged from a subreddit of the same title. When Steven Van Vessum proposed taking SEO discussions to the next level with a Slack community, he didn’t expect it grow to a few hundred members in a couple of days. Now it’s a tight community where people can talk, make connections and build business relationships.

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