What SEOs Really Need to Know About JavaScript SEO

Did you know that while the Ahrefs . Blog is powered by WordPress, much of the rest of the site is powered by JavaScript like . React? The reality of the current web is that Java. Script is everywhere. Most websites use some kind of JavaScript to add interactivity and improve user experience. Yet most of the JavaScript used on so many websites won’t impact.  SEO at all. If you have a normal . WordPress install without a lot of customization, then likely none of.  The issues will apply to you. Where you will run into issues is when JavaScript is used to build an entire page, add or take away elements,

What is JavaScript SEO?

JavaScript SEO is a part of technical . SEO (search engine optimization) that makes JavaScript-heavy websites .Eeasy to crawl and index, as well as search-friendly. The goal is to have these websites be found and rank top industry data higher in search engines. JavaScript is not bad for SEO, and it’s not evil. It’s just different from what many . SEOs are used to, and there’s a bit of a learning curve. A lot of the processes are similar to things SEOs are already used to seeing, but there may be slight . Differences. You’re still going to be looking at mostly . HTML code, not actually looking at JavaScript. All the normal on-page SEO best practices still apply. See our guide on on-page SEO.

JavaScript SEO issues and best practices

These are many of the common.  SEO issues you may run into when working with JavaScript sites. Have unique title tags and meta descriptions You’re still going to want to have unique title Mobile Numbers tags and meta descriptions . Across your pages. Because a lot of the JavaScript frameworks are templatized, you can easily end up in a situation . Where the same title or meta description is used for all pages or a group of pages. Check the Duplicates report in . Ahrefs’ Site Audit and click into any of the groupings to see more data about the issues we found.

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