Moving to Google Analytics 4

Moving to google analytics 4. What your business nees to do marco targa – 1 september 2022 google analytics 4 as we have already anticipate in a previous article. Google is preparing to discontinue the previous platform deicate to analytics. Calle universal analytics. Due to the deadline of 1 july 2023. An evolution driven by the nee to protect user privacy. Since tracking can no longer be base on third-party cookies or mobile advertising ids. It follows the obligation to use web analytics tools in line with national and international regulatory provisions on privacy and which. At the same time. Allow companies to support their digital marketing activities. You might be intereste in.

TikTok and its evolution path

“Google analytics. What to do when you receive an email requesting data removal pursuant to art. 17 gdpr” the difficulties associate with the transition to ga4 google new data analytics 4 so far everything is clear. But which tool should we use from here to the future. The market offers more solutions. But the google galaxy appears to be the one capable of providing the most complete answers given the preominance in the search engine field. The most immeiate answer is. Therefore. Google analytics 4 (ga4 ) . Counting on the fact that it has already been fully available to everyone since october 2020 (therefore it does not constitute an experimental novelty in terms of functionality – e.) as well as being free. In these months.

TikTok, a model that other platforms are imitating

In which there is a parallel between universal analytics and ga4. There is plenty of time to try this latest platform  and acquire some important Mobile Numbers skills. However. The transition between the two platforms is not a trivial aspect. The reason. It consists in the fact that measurement with ga4 is base on a system. As anticipate. Profoundly different from universal. With many aspects to be learne from scratch. Essential features of ga4 google analytics 4 ga4 brings with it a new vision of tracking. Moving from data collection base on sessions and different types of user interaction. To tracking focuse on events and connecte parameters. 

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