What is a Blog and what is it for

What is a Blog and what is it for. We start the year with a basic article for anyone who wants to enter the world of blogging and that in addition to explaining what a blog is and what it is for , you will find very useful tips to follow, mistakes that you should avoid, as well as an action plan step by step to make your blog help you or allow you to achieve any goal you set for yourself during 2018.

What is a blog

Therefore, I still remember the first time. I told my father that I wanted to be a blogger. He looked at me with a stupefied face, and he was email leads probably thinking what madness I was getting myself into. Therefore, I tried to explain to him that a blog was a learning tool that would allow me to grow so much. professional and personal level. Therefore, but even though he didn’t understand much about the subject. As a good father he supported me in this new “madness.” Well, for me what is a blog. it really is a tool with almost infinite potential if we know how to use it correctly. 

Enhance your brand image

Social networks come and go and the only thing that only depends on you and your work is a blog. Therefore, and it is the channel in capital letters to work on the brand image of any company. I am clear about it, although there are still many companies reluctant to use it. Therefore, thinking that it is a tool that disperses time and money. There are companies that have realized their potential and dedicate great human Mobile Number and financial resources to give the blog a lot of presence. 

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