SEO and Content Strategy Webinar: The Key to the Success of a Blog

SEO and Content Strategy Webinar: The Key to the Success of a Blog. I have fantastic news to tell you to start 2018 off strong. Therefore, From the Marketing and Web School we are going to hold a free one-hour webinar a month on digital marketing. Therefore, Social media, blogging, SEO, personal branding, monetization, etc. The objective is that you can learn from the best professionals that exist right now in these sectors that I have mentioned. We are preparing the calendar of webinars with names like Oscar Feito, Fernando Ferreiro, among other professionals.

Why do we start doing webinars

I have always believed and supported access to free training. Therefore, and after carrying out different free training initiatives. I want to continue advocating for bringing magnificent professionals to anyone who wants to learn. Every month a very prominent email contact list  professional in their sector will attend our webinar and give a 100% practical presentation. Aren’t you tired of theoretical PowerPoint webinars. Do you want to learn how to do it practically. In this webinar you will learn how to improve the format of your content. So that it positions better and the entire strategy that you should associate with the publication of content. I will also explain how to develop strategic content and design the tactical plan step by step to carry it out.

How to design an effective editorial calendar for a Blog

How to design an effective editorial calendar for a Blog. You don’t have an editorial calendar yet and don’t know how to do it. One of the main mistakes made with a blog is not creating a strategic editorial calendar. But don’t worry, we are going to solve this serious Mobile Number problem in this webinar. You have to think that strategy is a key factor that can make your work with the blog closer to success or do exactly the opposite. Therefore, it is in your power to be disciplined and make the best decisions.

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