Have you ever experienced homesickness?

When I left the peninsula and moved to Sabah , the feeling of being in a new place was great.

Here fresh air, comfortable, and delicious food.

But unfortunately, over time the feeling of excitement faded.

I started to miss my hometown.

When I was about to enter my 30s I admit it was a bit embarrassing

What is homesick really?
After living in Sabah for over a year, I started to feel Latest Mailing Database a little depressed.

After being like this for a while, I realized: It’s not that I don’t like Sabah. I just miss the old life.

Learning to recognize homesickness will make a difference, because from here I will learn to overcome something that really bothers me.

Homesickness is actually about the instinctive need for love, protection and security.

Often, love and security will be associated with the home.

Therefore, when we don’t feel it in our new environment, we will start to miss home.

When I moved here, I met a few people, but they were all new to me.

It’s hard to feel protected, loved, and safe with people you don’t know well yet

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There are 3 factors that will affect homesickness:
Experience. If you’ve never been away from Mobile Numbers home before, you may be more likely to experience homesickness. You are not used to dealing with unfamiliar feelings.
Personality. Children who get a new babysitter will experience ” insecure attachment “. In general, if you are not good at getting along with other people, this often affects how you deal with changing environments.
External factors. Your level of homesickness will depend on your level of willingness to change. What you do and how to deal with it. The family’s reaction will also affect your level of homesickness.
As with anything else, learning to recognize homesickness and what it affects is the first step to how to overcome it.

Stop reminiscing about past lives
When I’m homesick, one of my bad habits is to reminisce about my past life, (even forgetting all the bitter things in those memories).

I always feel my own place is better than anywhere else.