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These are one-off campaigns in which the influencer, in exchange for a product (in the case of barter) or appropriate remuneration, prepares a post, video, InstaStories or photo, which is an advertisement for a brand, product, etc. A one-time action is a good way to promote a new product. Ambassador program. Creating sponsore posts and product placement in social meia is also a great idea for long-term cooperation. In this case, the influencer becomes an ambassador for the company . As part of the contract, he promotes the brand, identifies with it, shows it on a daily basis, and thanks to this, the brand is closer to its recipients, gaining a human face.

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Brand and influencer The form of ambassador cooperation depends on the goal the company wants to achieve – if the goal is to increase sales, the influencer can promote a promotional code for brand products in their social networks. In ambassador cooperation, it is important to maintain moderation. The creator should not flood their followers with Latest Mailing Database content that promotes the brand. The more subtly he does it, the better. Too intrusive advertising can have the opposite effect from the intende one. In the case of long-term cooperation, it is necessary to take into account the possible image crisis of the creator, which may have a negative impact on the brand’s reputation. Common product.

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A brand in cooperation with an influencer can create a new product – or an entire line of products. This is a particularly good idea for clothing or cosmetics brands. This form of cooperation is a way to increase sales. Brand products or show Mobile Numbers the company behind the scenes. Post/video sponsore on blog/channel. A one-time publication or a series of publications on the creator’s blog/channel is a great way to build brand awareness or improve its image. Product reviews work great here. Influencer as an expert. A form of cooperation suitable for those brands that run their own YouTube channels, blogs or podcasts.

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