According to Pew Research

While use tiktok to follow or research brands. Social media activities by platform tiktok is frequently used as a news tool: of tiktok users globally are on the app to keep up-to-date with current events. In the u.s.. One-quarter of u.s. Adults under 30 say they get their news on tiktok regularly. About a quarter of us adults under 30 regularly get news on tiktok when it comes to total usage time. Tiktok ranks fifth behind youtube. Facebook. Whatsapp. And google chrome. According to pew research. Teenagers say they use tiktok “almost constantly say the same about youtube. Roughly one in five teens are almost constantly on youtube. Only say the same for facebook creators on tiktok are typically gen z.

Popular TikTok Communities

The most popular tiktok communities of 2022 were booktok. Cartok. And movietok. Followed by small business tiktok and sustainability tiktok. 36% of users come to tiktok looking for “relaxing” content. Tiktok stats creativity and relaxation tiktok for business statistics if you’re not using tiktok for business yet. You’re making a mistake. My friend. 

Given the fact that a billion people b2b email list of all ages are active on the app. Chances are. You’ll find your audience hanging out here. Tiktokers are actively searching for product recommendations and reviews. Hungry for content from their favorite brands. While it’s true not every social platform is a fit for every target audience. The business opportunities here on tiktok are too rich not to at least explore.

Participate in This Digital Business

And you don’t have to be online all day now that you can schedule tiktoks. It’s easier than ever to participate in this digital business boom at your own convenience. Read on for tiktok business statistics that might just inspire you to brush up on your video editing skills. Tiktok has a potential ad reach of 945.2 million among users aged. 

Tiktok advertising audience overview that’s an Mobile Numbers increased ad reach of 14.6% 121 million since 2021  this is an advertising platform that’s on the rise. On tiktok. You’ll find your advertising audience skews female: 53.1%. To be exact. If you’re looking to reach millennials and gen z. This is a fantastic place to do just that. of tiktok’s advertising audience is female in the year-old range; are males in this valuable demo.

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