A little history the origin of Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking is a fairly new discipline. In fact, the term Growth Hacking was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010 . But how did good old Sean decide to invent a new term? Well, at thatThese are the ones that I consider essential: time Sean was working as a consultant for Software as a Service startups. He helped them design and implement systems that accelerated their growth exponentially. He would take a startup, help it grow and move on to the next one. But always leaving behind a person who was in charge of maintaining the systems that he had implemented.

The problem was finding that person

There wasn’t always someone who could take care of that task within the startup itself, so they had to look for someone outside. But Sean soon realized that they were not looking for a person with a conventional profile. At first they received resumes from marketers who were great professionals, but who did not respond to the needs of a startup in its top industry data early stages. In its beginnings, a startup needs to grow very quickly. And if you don’t succeed, you will most likely die. Additionally, as a general rule you need to grow on a very small budget.

The profile of a Growth Hacker

As you already know, Growth Hacking is closely linked to the world of startup culture . This culture is characterized by analytics, tight budgets, creativity and innovation. And it is in this context where growth Mobile Numbers hackers try to achieve exponential growth in both the customer base and user retention . The next question you may be asking yourself is: but then what profile should a growth hacker have to achieve these results? What kind of skills should I have? These are the ones that I consider essential:

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