A blog improve the positioning of a Hotel’s website

Major search engines reward fresh content sources: Content is king . But now in addition. Google and Bing are using activity on social networks to rank this content and the blogs or websites from which it comes. “Comments, +1, Likes, Recommends. etc. and the number of times content is shared on social networks are an increasingly important factor in search algorithms” Examples: – Google is emphasizing the opinion of its users to reward hotel websites that the community finds useful or interesting. Google gives priority in the SEO of a website to quality “content” and, above all, its activity on social networks. With Google plus and its +1 button as the main determinant. – Bing, for its part. Is also increasingly interested in the social activity of its users.

Search engines, content and social networks

We know that Google is the most popular search engine among hotel clients. For email contact list that reason it is the one that sets the general guidelines to follow regarding the web strategies of any company. In the last major modification that Google has made to its “Hummingbird” or “Colibrí” algorithm . It gave a clear nod to the semantic web or 3.0 and changed the way in which keywords are interpreted or taken into account. Now the search algorithm is more human than ever. Because according to Google the only thing its users want is to ask a question and find the information immediately, that is, get an answer. By naturally locating the keywords. As a question in the titles and as an answer in the body of the articles. The content of a blog can be better found and ranked by Google.

Google Hummingbird and keywords

So, there is nothing better than the content of a blog to be able to offer answers to these Mobile Numbers questions and.  At the same time, Attract traffic to a hotel’s website. A blog significantly improves the SEO positioning of a Hotel’s website! Taking these trends into account. In the current online landscape, it is almost essential for a hotel website to be able to have a blog in its SEO strategies. Hotel entrepreneurs who have realized the advantages that a blog offers over a static website are seeing very significant benefits in the SEO positioning of their website and. Therefore.  A radical increase in traffic from their own direct booking channel. . These are only part of the advantages of a hospitality blog . So tell us.

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