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 Load – Compatibility This option will make the icon you used earlier compatible with the version. “ Experimental” tab In this section, you will be able to test the plugin development team before officially launching new features and implementations under development in the update. Some of these options are in or state, so be careful when activating them on an active website because it could break something. If you can, do this carefully on the test site.

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 Element or setup experiment “ style” tab( deprecated) Long ago, there was a tab new database called “ style” where you could configure the general aspects of web design, but now these options have been integrated into a part of the workspace. These are configurable options: Default Universal Fonts: If you configure fonts that cannot be loaded correctly at any time, a list of loaded default fonts will be used. The printing plan, wow, get your hands on the.

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Content width: By default, its portion is displayed in pixel width in the desktop version. You Mobile Numbers can change these pixels here. The space between widgets: By default, allocate pixel intervals between the widgets you use to design. You can change this parameter here. Stretch to fit the part: When you set the part to full width, it defaults to the width. If you want it packaged into another selector, you can point out here that you can choose between different options and different.

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