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You know, when I first started collecting an email list on Mailchimp in the spring of 2014, I had really high expectations. I had been listening to “gurus” pitches about the importance of an email list for so long that they had been etched deep into my subconscious. Read more: Why you *need* to collect an email list, Whether you’re a blogger or an entrepreneur? The post contains affiliate links, links marked with (*). Read more here .  The drop was quite a bit when I realized that people don’t want to join my email list. For a long time I thought the problem was caused by a gift I offered to those who left their email address. I tried everything. I exchanged a joining gift. I made different opt-in forms and placed them in different places on my blog.

The initial rush wears off if the tools are wrong

I edited the texts. But the result just didn’t come. So I can more than fully understand the thoughts that go through your mind when someone talks about email lists, opt-in conversions and sales funnels – not to mention email special data marketing. But the work pays off if you take the time to learn the art of email marketing. Another option is to take the best tips from those who have already made mistakes, tested and finally succeeded. Fact: E-mail marketing can bring more turnover to a company – also passively. Fact: Email list opt-in conversion can be 76%. Fact: It is possible to increase your email list by +32% per month. Fact: Next, I’ll tell you the secrets to success.

Making a concave landing page or

How do you get people to join your email list? Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, I want to tell you what you will benefit from reading this article to the end: You can see which tool I used to increase my opt-in conversion from less than 20% to up to 76% (average opt-in conversion is between 52% and 76%). You will see that with the right tool, you build trust and credibility, which also increases Mobile Numbers email open rates. I show step by step with screenshots how you do this in practice.  ländär, is painfully difficult. At least in that situation if you don’t know who the landing page is aimed at. It’s very easy to make generic landing pages that ask: to join the email list to subscribe to the newsletter to order a customer newsletter to order the Monthly Review How many of these would you order yourself? So.

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