The flywheel is a model

The flywheel is a model. Disney and his animators during a sweatbox session. From Snow White to digital design. There are many similarities between the process introduce by the Disney studio and digital product design as we have seen it grow and evolve for over years now. We start with the “webmasters”, real one man bands like the first animators. Who took care of all aspects of a website, from graphics to back end programming to systems engineering. The website was the wonder to show to customers and competitors technology the only focus. Over time we learn that it was necessary.

The phases of the flywheel model

To have an overall vision of the digital photo editing servies product that went beyond. The mere technological data. Thanks to the “Walt Disney’s” of digital design, like Don Norman, we have start to think of sites and apps bas on users nest, expectations, times and places of use. We start thinking about User Experience. We can say that UX is in digital product design what for. Walt Disney was the identification of spectators with the story the empathetic connection that allows you to come into contact with the user, through the satisfaction of real nest and aspirations.

The flywheel model and HubSpot

This is why digital product design has Mobile Numbers increasingly focus. On planning, discussion and listening. The process was revolutionize through the introduction of new figures and phases, as Disney had done for animation information architecture allows us. To organize content into structures that are understandable and navigable for users. Workshops with customers and stakeholders allow us to highlight opportunities and critical points on which to focus. Wireframes give us the opportunity to review and discuss layout and interactivity before entering the development phase; low and maim fidelity prototyping allows us to test.

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