Specialization in mammography know everything about the course

After all, breast radiography is the gold standard exam for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Being offered in several public and private health services. After showing a drop due to the pandemic scenario and social distancing. The number of these exams has grown again in the country. Data indicate that it went from 1.26 million to 1.71 million. In the comparison between the first half of 2020 and the same period in 2021. This makes room for professionals who aim to master mammography techniques , whether digital or analogue . If that’s your case, don’t miss a single line of this article, in which I present how it works, the duration, the target audience and the modalities available to study your specialization in mammography. In addition to the benefits of telemedicine to meet the shortage of radiologists in clinics far from urban centers, enabling the remote report. How does specialization in mammography work.

How does specialization in mammography work?

Specialization in mammography aims to qualify technicians and technologists in radiology through good practices in conducting the exam . Its proposal consists of the execution of maneuvers, in-depth knowledge about the mammography device and anatomical characteristics of the breast tissue. All this contributes to the identification of abnormalities , guidance to patients and adjustment of the functions of the mammography device. Another area explored throughout the course is Nigeria Mobile Number List radiological protection, an essential topic for the safety of patients and health professionals. This is because it is necessary to take preventive measures against exposure to X-rays – which have a cumulative effect and the potential to cause cancer. Specialization in mammography may include topics such as: Anatomy and physiology of the breast Main pathological aspects andbreast diseases Preparing for the mammogram Guidelines for patients tracking ofbreast cancer Mammographic techniques and incidences Techniques for carrying outtomosynthesis(3D exam).

Who can specialize in mammography?

Components and functioning of the mammography device Quality control of mammography Radiation protection measures. Remembering that this is just a summary, since the specialization curriculum can be even more extensive. How long does a specialization in mammography last? The duration varies according to the educational institution responsible for the specialization course. However, it must comply with what the Ministry of Education (MEC) determines Mobile Numbers regarding technical-level specializations, that is, have at least 25% of the workload of the technical course in radiology . The technical course in radiology has a workload of 1,200 hours and, therefore, the specialization in this area must have at least 300 hours . I explain this relationship further below. Who can specialize in mammography? The prerequisite for specialization in mammography is to be trained in the radiology technician or technologist course . And have a valid registration with the Regional Council of Radiology Technicians (CRTR).

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