Repeatedly Interacted with a Specific

The most important ranking factors of the 2022 instagram algorithm are: relationship between the creator and the viewer. Do you follow each other? Do you message each other. Or leave comments? If you have repeatedly interacted with a specific user in the past. You are more likely to see the new content they post. This is very important for businesses: active community management. Including responding to dms and comments. Can improve a brand’s visibility on instagram. Interest. Does a user typically interact with this type of content? When the instagram algorithm recognizes that a user enjoys a specific content type or format. They show them more of the same. Relevancy. Instagram decides how “relevant” every piece of content is.

Considered More Relevant

This includes an analysis of where it fits with trending topics as well as the timeliness factor recent posts are considered more relevant than older posts. Secondary instagram algorithm ranking factors include: frequency of using the platform. If a user doesn’t open instagram very often. They will only see the very most relevant content when they do decide to browse the app. 

This means that businesses might business lead be crowd out of such a user’s fe by family and friends. How many users a person follows. The more instagram accounts a user follows. The more accounts compete for space in their fe. Session time. If a user spends very little time in the app. They are likely to only see posts from friends and family.

Distributes Specific Content Formats

They interact with most often on the platform. Making it more difficult for businesses to surface in their fe. Beyond these core signals. Here’s how the instagram algorithm distributes specific content formats. The 2023 instagram fe algorithm for your fe. 

The instagram algorithm sorts through Mobile Numbers the content of the accounts you follow and pricts how likely you are to interact with a post bas on the following criteria. Information about the post. How many likes did a post get? When was it post? Has it been tagg with a location? If it’s a video. How long is it? These signals help the instagram algorithm determine the relevance and popularity of a post. 

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