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In large sites, combining budgets, objectives Product Strategy and brand image will be key to obtaining a position of strength among large publishing groups. Minerva website Guillermo Gascón (Hello SEO) We have known for a long time that SEO goes beyond keywords . The relationship between keywords, semantics and the use of entities is vital in optimization today. If you are not already linking these concepts with your authority acquisition strategies, you are missing a lot of the potential that links can bring to your projects. 

If you are not already Product Strategy linking these concepts

Therefore, when a local business opts industry email list for this type of strategy, it has to be very careful and effective, to achieve a tangible return on investment from the client . The first thing of all, before investing, is to focus our efforts on achieving presence in local directories where consistency of the NAPW (name, address, password and web) and citations are key . Once this is done, we can start thinking about buying links where the focus has to be. Hello SEO website Laura Alfonso. Link building in local businesses is sometimes. Complicated by the lack of budget and the even more. Impossibility of investing on a recurring basis.

We analyze the quality of the competition's links

Links from Mobile Numbers local media Links related to the topic of your business In the previous analysis we carry out, it is important to assess the average of the niche we are in and thus decide where and how much to invest. On the one hand, we analyze the quality of the competition’s links because if they have a lot of volume but 80% of the links are of low quality, the ideal is to aim for fewer links but of high authority. And related to the volume of links, if on average the businesses that are my clients’ competitors have 100 quality backlinks, it makes no sense to invest resources in doubling that amount.

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