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Penalties From Search TO USE A CATEGORY AND TAGS STRUCTURE TO IMPROVE YOUR LINK JUICE DISTRIBUTION To use a category and tag structure to improve your link juice distribution. You nee to start by defining your goal. The goal is to ensure that links to home pages and subpages are as visible as possible to search engines. To achieve this. You nee to configure your category and tag structure so that to make links easily accessible to search engine robots. The first step is to define the hierarchy of categories and tags. Categories should be set at the top of the hierarchy and tags should be set below. Then. You nee to configure links to home pages and subpages so that they are visible to search engine robots. This can be done by placing links on home pages or subpages and by adding links to categories and tags.

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The next step is to use strong keywords in category descriptions and tags and place them in the content of the article or blog post. These seo expater bangladesh ltd words should be personalize to match the topic of the article or blog post. Additionally. You can also place internal links between articles or blog posts to allow search engine crawlers to easily access your home pages and subpages. Using these techniques. You can improve the distribution of link juice on your website or blog. Which will positively affect your website’s positioning in search results.

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YOU WILL BE INTERESTE in Google adsense and the skillful use of keywords. Link Juice and the importance of link quality and target sites. TO USE THE STRUCTURE OF STATIC PAGES TO IMPROVE THE DISTRIBUTION OF LINK JUICE The structure of static pages can be use to improve the distribution of link juice. I.e. The flow of valuable links. Link juice is an SEO concept that means the flow of valuable links between websites. Link juice is an important factor influencing the positioning of a Mobile Numbers website in search engines. To improve the distribution of link juice.

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