Metrics that you should be obsessed with to increase online

Metrics that you should be obsessed with to increase online. I have nothing against SEO. Now you know. But since there are many people who know much more about web positioning than me, I leave this specialty to those who really master it 100%. store metricsPhoto rights from Fotolia Make no mistake. Selling online is difficult . Despite all those entries that you can find on the web where the. The reality is rather the opposite.

Metrics that you should Product variety and quantity

Metrics that you should be obsessed with to increase online. Selling once is fine, but doing it several top industry data times is even better. Therefore, it may even be acceptable to not earn (a lot) of money on the first sale if you have a loyalty plan prepared. We are talking about knowing how to increase the lifetime value of a customer over time ( Customer Lifetime Value ). With each sale you have to generate a cushion of customers that in the future will allow you to generate more income. Good prices and impeccable customer service are the basis for this. There is no greater secret to the matter.

obsessed with to increase online Average shopping cart

Here techniques such as upselling and Mobile Numbers cross-selling come into force . The point is to offer a greater quantity at a better price and/or related products. Another thing you can play with is shipping costs . In my store I offer free shipping over 20 euros and I have several products that are just below that.  products to  achieve free shipping.

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