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In the ENGAGE phase Ländäri should offer a Differentiation from campaign that reactivates the customer. For example through an email campaign an online store customer can be rirect to a landing page with a discount code for placing the next order. How to build a good landing page When you want to start building a landing page that sells well with a digital marketing professional think about these things in advance.

Who is the potential

Define your target audience customer of the landing page Differentiation from With the help of buyer personas the content of ländär can be plann and target precisely at your companys business database most suitable target groups. The more precisely you can communicate to your potential customers and talk about the issues that guide their decisions the more effective your pitch will be. Download the buyer persona workbook here . Define the pages target event most-want action The goal event determines the quality of the leads.

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Business Database

Is your purpose to increase contacts or to sell the desir product directly to the visitor Define your message and invest in Mobile Numbers copywriting When the target audience and the desir event are clearly thought out the content of the page must be made so simple that the visitor understands what is offer to him as soon as he arrives. Use a professional to help you because a copywriting professional knows how to write a selling text for the right target group.

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