30 Advanced Blogging Techniques in 2018

30 Advanced Blogging Techniques in 2018. I bring you a set of advanced blogging techniques to succeed with your Blog in 2018, attract traffic and convert it into leads or sales. It is an update of an article that was very popular at the time and I wanted to add new techniques to help you improve and position your blog. Here you will find many of the techniques that I apply to my blog and that have allowed me to get my blog to exceed 500,000 visits per month. Some of the techniques I explain can be applied to any type of CMS or tool you have used to make your Blog, but some are specific to WordPress.

Advanced Theme Optimization and opt for a good design

Advanced Theme Optimization and opt for a good design. The same thing happens when we are going to choose the template for our Blog. Therefore, in many cases it is done based on aesthetic criteria mostly. Therefore, which is a mistake email database  because really any WordPress theme is 100% customizable to the design we want it to have. have our Blog. Before choosing a theme I would take into account: Theme loading speed optimization level.

Update old content

This is a technique that I use about once a month or when I see that a well-placed post in the SERPs begins to drop in positions. Recommendations: It is about making a substantial and coherent change. Therefore, and it is never about updating for the sake of updating. The change must affect at least 30% of the content. Therefore, that is, suppose we want to Mobile Number  add fresh and current content. Then we have to add at least 30% of the current length of the content. You will have to wait at least a week for Google to update the data and give you a new position.

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