what are consideration campaigns?

Funnel or conversion funnel in order to understand how facebook campaigns work. It is necessary to know what type of audience we work with according to our objective. For this reason, it is very important to understand what the conversion funnel is and what it consists of . The conversion funnel represents the phases through which the user passes from when they find our product until they buy it. This funnel is made up of three phases: tofu (top of the funnel). Mofu (middle of the funnel) and bofu (bottom of the funnel). Cyberclick conversion funnel tofu is the initial phase in the consumer journey.

Funnel or conversion funnel

It begins when the user detects that he has Canada Business Fax List a need and begins to search for information to solve it. At this stage, the user is still not clear about the possible solutions to his need. In the mofu phase , the consumer already knows. What type of products or services can help him satisfy his need and is evaluating. The different options offered by the market. And finally, the bofu is the lowest part of the conversion funnel and is made up of users who have already considered. All the options and are interested in specifically buying our product.

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Objective of Consideration within Facebook

Objective of consideration within facebook facebook Mobile Numbers campaigns that aim at “Consideration ” are focused on the audience that is in the middle part of the funnel (mofu phase), that is, those who already know us and are contemplating the options available to them on the market to solve your need. The main objective of these campaigns is to ensure that our brand communicates credibility and that the public begins to identify with it so that they end up choosing us. Therefore, we must provide you with all the necessary information about our value as a brand, product or service.

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