what are awareness campaigns?

Awareness campaigns on facebook let’s remember that facebook shows your ads in the placements of different platforms. Facebook, facebook messenger, instagram and audience network. And for messaging campaigns use whatsapp. The important thing is that we keep in mind that to run campaigns on any of these platforms or applications. We must start by choosing the marketing objective within the facebook advertising platform. Recognition consideration conversion and depending on what your target goal is, facebook. Will offer you different sub-goals to make your advertising more effective. Among the 3 possible objectives, in this content we will delve into recognition.

Awareness campaigns on Facebook

Explanatory video about awareness campaigns Germany Business Fax List on facebook. The importance of the conversion funnel in order for you to understand how recognition campaigns work on facebook. It is important to understand what the conversion funnel is and what it consists of . You may already be familiar with this concept, but let’s do a quick bit to explain it again and refresh you. Therefore, The conversion funnel represents the phases through which the user goes from finding your product to buying it. This funnel is made up of three phases: tofu (top of the funnel). Mofu (middle of the funnel) and bofu (bottom of the funnel). Cyberclick conversion funnel tofu is the initial phase in the consumer journey .

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The importance of the conversion funnel

It begins when the user detects that they have Mobile Numbers a need and begins to carry out generic. Information searches to solve it. The interest in this phase is manifested with uncertainty because the user is not yet clear about the possible solutions to his need. Facebook campaigns that aim at “Acknowledgment” are focused. The audience that is at the top of the funnel, that is, those who don’t know you yet. The main objective of these campaigns is to get the largest number of people to know you and for the public to begin to familiarize themselves with who you are and what you offer.

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