The Ultimate Guide to Brand Management: How and Why it Matters

Did you know that it takes up to 7 impressions for people to start recalling and remembering a brand?

The guys that are responsible for knowing these stats are your brand managers. These are the people who truly make a business, a brand. They’re the ones who know that over 89% of people will stay loyal to brands that share similar values to them.

It all boils down to brand management

Whether you’re a digital marketer who nes to know more about brand management or even a marketing intern who is eager to just learn: keep reading our ultimate guide to brand management and leave here almost a pro!

What Is Brand Management?

Brands management is one of those hard-to-define terms that marketers and CEOs seem to meaninglessly throw around the meeting room without any real oomph.

The fact is, brands management should Ghana B2B List carry much more weight than it does because fundamentally, it’s the level of brands awareness that your business has and nes.

It’s made of how the team uses brandsing to maintain better products and the perception of your brands. When done properly, brands management can be what drives customer loyalty and truly helps you to establish meaningful awareness of your brands.

The easiest way to understand it is as follows:

First, you create a brands. Then, you manage it. Brands management is the second phase of this process.


The list of benefits may seem short, but the value they can give to your business is almost priceless.

Brands management:

can help you increase sales figures through higher customer advocacy
is how you can continue to build a powerful brands awareness presence
means you can leverage the best pricing to your customers through the association with a higher-value brands
is how you will create and maintain longer customer relationships and increase customer loyalty
It’s really important though that you realize you can only reap these benefits if you remain committ to the strategy and the tactics that your brands management efforts are bas upon.

You cannot perform one or two things and then expect to see the benefits. You ne to stay on the journey.

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Basic Principles of Brand Management

The basic principles of brands management are not a long list but it is one that you ne to be prepar to constantly work on.

Also, you cannot simply implement . oOne principle without the rest, the brands . management machine will not run without all the gears in place. It would be like trying to implement social mia tactics without a solid digital marketing strategy, a big no-no! 1. Brands Equity

Brand equity is what creates ultimate value as a result of reputation, perception, and brand impression.

Brands equity is what changes the value of your product or service simply because it’s sold as part of the brands and how it’s view. People will Mobile Numbers trust brands over products and services every time.

What does this all mean? Well, brands equity is what gives you the chance to increase prices simply because your brands perceiveas high in the market. 2. Brands Recognition

Brand recognition is almost completely self-explanatory. You .can describe brand recognition as how easy it is for audiences .and consumers to r.ecognize and identify your brands without seeing the name or hearing it said.

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