The Benefits of Proactive Marketing

But can be accomplished. Sticking with the Twitter example, let’s say you’re at a point with your marketing company where you have a following, some engagement, but you want to expand your base. The logical next step is to increase social media engagement; this will bring more focus to your company on social media. This will also pique your existing base’s interest. This is also an attainable goal that is actionable and identifiable. Because increasing social media marketing efforts are broad and probably more out of reach, focusing on one platform, in particular, is wise. The best place to start would be the platform with the most potential for growth and engagement. Twitter is a perfect example of this because of how users can reply to and interact with all of your posts.

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So, to recap, you’ve now identified that increasing social media engagement is a necessary next step for you or your company. You then determined that Twitter is the Cuba B2B List best platform to start with. Now, let’s get to our key results. How to Set Key Results Our key results will guide and  . Because the objective we chose is intentionally challenging, the key results have to be aggressive but manageable. Key results should also be clear and direct, leaving no room for a so-so result. Time or quantity of intentions should be mentioned here. Each key result should also be a clear, direct way to achieve the ultimate objective. As in the Twitter example above, quantity is mentioned in each key result. “Per day” is also setting a specific and direct.

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OKR later that will set other key results with clear times. Mentioning that DMs should increase or that posts per day should increase is not useful unless an identifiable quantity is mentioned. Otherwise, what does “increase” mean? And in what amount of time? By explaining that each Mobile Numbers key result in the above example is meant to. Be accomplished .in one single day on a .recurring, daily basis, you and .your marketing .team will have a clear, actionable schedule .to follow. Eventually, the amalgamation .of each of these .key results being implemented well will
result in accomplishing the original objective! How to Achieve Marketing Goals Now that you have your OKR written out and everyone is aware of it, how will you actually go about this? Let’s look at another example.

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