The 10 most downloaded mobile apps of 2020

The 10 mobile apps with the most downloads in 2020 1) tiktok (850 million downloads). The winner of this classification does not surprise anyone: tiktok became the star app of the confinement and has lived a year full of controversy, including an attempted ban by the united states. Overalldl_wordwide@2x apptopia image 2) whatsapp (600 million downloads). Staying in touch with our loved ones has been more important than ever this year, which explains why messaging applications have experienced a great moment. 3) facebook (540 million downloads). Despite being the social network with the most users in the world, facebook continues to occupy the top positions of the download charts year after year.

The 10 mobile apps with the most downloads in 2020

If we take into account other apps from the USA Student Phone Number List same company, such as whatsapp, instagram and messenger, we see that its leadership is indisputable. 4) instagram (503 million downloads). Another phenomenon of the pandemic was the instagram direct , whose popularity skyrocketed among all kinds of businesses and content creators who wanted to stay in touch with their audiences. 5) zoom (477 million downloads). This application managed to succeed in the videoconferencing sector, which has become essential both for working from home and for keeping in touch with family and friends. 6) messenger (404 million downloads). Yet another application from the facebook group that helps us keep in touch.

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Telegram (256 million downloads)

In addition, this year facebook has begun to make progress Mobile Numbers in the integration of its three messaging applications: messenger, whatsapp and instagram direct. 7) snapchat (281 million downloads). Although the boom of this social network seemed to have passed, the figures show us that it still has a lot to offer. 8) telegram (256 million downloads). This messaging application has emerged as the strongest alternative to whatsapp, especially for users concerned about the treatment of their personal data by facebook. 9) google meet (254 million downloads). Another mobile video messaging app that has benefited from the change in work and social habits in 2020. 10) netflix (223 million downloads). And to close the top ten, one of our favorite leisure applications, which has helped us liven up many days of staying at home.

The interesting conclusions that can be drawn is that communication tools are the big winners of 2020 , due to the global confinement of part of the population. Whatsapp, messenger and telegram as queens of instant messaging (although social networks also allow it) and zoom and google meet as applications for remote professional and leisure meetings . On the other hand, there are social networks, although for years they have always been in the top of most downloaded mobile apps. It stands out the fact that now the most downloaded is tiktok and finally we have a streaming platform app : netflix. Also closely related to the whole issue of confinement and the growth of leisure at home.

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