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Two ideas that, despite the time that separates those who express them, give us a clear idea of ​​the magnitude and significance of the ucational mission. Mission that Alindor Bazán, advisor to the Curriculum Management area at our Cajamarca headquarters , develops with the conviction that “the teacher is a key actor in generating better people for our country.” And, as he explains, “after parents, it is teachers who have the greatest dication to children and young people, and this involves not only sharing information in the classroom so that students process and produce new knowlge, but also helping them develop as good citizens ”

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In his training work, as director of the San Vicente de Paúl ucational Institution, Professor Bazán has work with a model that generates valuable synergies in the teaching-learning process. Call META (Multiple Strategies for Working and Developing Learning) , this methodology incorporates practically the entire student’s environment into the ucational business lead process to enhance their results. “The META model is a pagogical practice that mobilizes several innovative strategies that have allow students to develop autonomy and better learning results . This through spaces and new forms for research, reading, formative evaluation, specializ classrooms, differentiat work, shar teaching, mobile technology and entrepreneurship,” details our teacher.

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Obtaining the MQDH 2018 recognition is the best way to value the work that as an innovative teacher I have develop for more than 15 years with the aim of providing better opportunities to our students, seeking that change is generat from the school without necessarily waiting for Mobile Numbers national policies. . In that sense, the META ucational Model breaks some traditional training and organization schemes to innovate, add and generate impact with an approach focus on people and the school as a family and social space ,” Professor Bazán tells us in relation to the distinction.

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