Take a look at all the available features

  • Open your profile and tap Professonal Dashboard
  • You can also tap the three parallel lines in the top corner of your profile and select Get info
  • Or, you can also select a specific post and click View Stats for that specific post

Instagram Insights in your account will be Chinese Australia Phone Number List  available for the last 90 days. You will only be able to see statistics for the time you have been using a creator/business profile.

Key Features of Instagram Insights

What information can you see from your mobile app? :

recent highlights

You can see which posts, stories, or Reels are working for your audience in Recent Highlights. Simply put, if there’s a significant spike in any of your posts, Recent Featured is the place to watch it.

It will show you if you have top performing posts that seem to get more engagement and by how much within your set time frame, 30 days or 90 days.


Special Database

If you want to get a holistic idea of ​​your account  Mobile Numbers Me performance, you can do it in Summary. You can compare 90-day data.

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