Second screen with TV what does the user watch on his mobile in front of the television?

Second screen with tv: mobile phones an overwhelming 92.3% of the users surveyed in this study watch television and use their mobile phone at the same time, a percentage that has been increasing since 2017. These are the data regarding the frequency of this behavior: 17.4% state that they “Always” combine both activities. 34.2% declare that they watch television and use their mobile phones at the same time on a regular basis. For 41.8%, these two activities occur at the same time from time to time. And only 6.7% refrain from using their mobile while watching television. We therefore see that the vast majority of us use the second screen with tv, but for what exactly.

Second screen with TV: mobile phones

These have been the responses: in 75.8% of the cases, the India Car Owner Phone Number List use of the second screen with tv was motivated by chatting or sending instant messages. This behavior is more common among those under 24 years of age (83%). 65.3% of the users interviewed use their mobile phones to access their social networks while watching television. Once again, it is a more common habit among the youngest (76% of those under 34). And in third place would be the use of email with 62%. Second screen with tv: tablets although somewhat less common than in the case of mobile phones.

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Second screen with TV: tablets

The use of tablets as a second screen with tv is also Mobile Numbers a majority, since 64.2 % of users do so. 4.3% always combine both activities, 12.2% habitually and 50.3% occasionally, while 33.1% do not use a tablet and television at the same time. It is also very interesting to see which are the most frequent activities when we use the tablet as a second screen with tv, since they are very different from what we have just seen with mobile phones: 49.8% of users use the tablet to check email while watching television. This percentage is higher in the case of people between 45 and 64 years of age (57%). 47.4% use the tablet to access their social networks. And 44.8% dedicate themselves to playing while watching television.

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