Respond to reader comments Then wait

You can set email delivery periodically, weekly or monthly.

If you don’t have a mailing list, you should build one now.

Getting people to comment (comment) on a blog post is indeed something very challenging.

Therefore, when you people leave comments, you should not ignore them.

Make it a priority to reply to every comment left.

Even if the comment left is not in the form of a question, at least respond with a thank you.

This builds a positive relationship with your readers

And encourage others to do the same to Database leave comments.

The comment section can also be indexed by Google, so if a lot of conversation happens in the comment section, then the search results for your blog will be better.

6. Monitor with google alerts
Google alert is an effective tool to track your blog post if it goes viral.

Google alerts will allow you to set up email alerts for keywords in your articles, so you can track any mentions received from across the web.

You can start by going to the Google Alert homepage and entering your keyword.

Click on Show Option to set the signal frequency and modify any parameters you need.

7. Participate in forums or facebook groups
Facebook groups and forums are good places to explore readers relevant to your articles.

You may need to apply to join a group but once approved you can start talking to other members


What’s important, your topic must be relevant to the Mobile Numbers thread of the forum/facebook group.

Take part by giving good input on a topic, voting in polls, and interacting with other members.

The key here is not to spam.

Do the promotion prudently and always follow the rules set by the admin of the group/forum.

8. Leaving comments on other people’s blogs
Bloggers know this method as blog walking.

If you are new to this arena and still struggling to build your own audience, this is a great way to build relationships and trust.

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