Remote report for mammography how it works and what are the advantages

Issued by a qualified mastologist or radiologist, the document supports the screening strategy for breast cancer. The second most common cancer among Brazilian women. In addition to being essential for the quick interpretation of diagnostic mammography. Which allows the choice and initiation of adequate therapy as soon as possible. In this way, patients and family members benefit from early treatment , which increases the chances of cure and reduces sequelae. The online report is available in a simple and robust system: the telemedicine platform . Throughout this text, I present more advantages and how to benefit from telediagnosis in your clinic or hospital . Follow until the end. What is a distance report for mammography. That is, the doctor who produces.

What is a distance report for mammography?

Just like the physical document, the digital report contains data. On the patient and the health unit where the procedure was performed. The technique employed, mammographic incidences recorded, findings and conclusions of the specialist in charge. To preserve medical confidentiality. The electronic version is produced and shared, through Chile Mobile Number List a telemedicine system. Which follows the rules of entities such as the CFM and the Brazilian Society of Health Informatics (SBIS). As required by the Federal Council of Medicine, the preparation and signature of the report are the responsibility of qualified specialists. In the case of mammography, only mastologists or radiologists with knowledge about the exam can issue the document – ​​whether on paper or virtual. How does the remote report for mammography work? The remote report works through communication between different health teams within the telemedicine platform. It all starts with performing the mammogram normally.

How does the remote report for mammography?

The digital mammography device even allows images to be sent directly to. Eeliminating the need to share these files. Even if there is no such possibility, a qualified physician or nursing technician can conduct the breast radiography. Obtaining the incidences prescribed in the exam request. At the end of the procedure the ionizing Mobile Numbers radiation that has not been absorbed. By the breast tissue hits the photosensitive plate on the mammography tray. Thus, the images are formed following the radiographic pattern. With clearer dense parts and soft tissues in gray tones. Then, the professional who performed the mammography. Accesses the telemedicine software in the cloud. He sends the images to the telemedicine team , so that a specialist can start his evaluation. The physician interprets the findings considering the purpose of the examination, patient history, and clinical suspicion.

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