Prostate mri report see what it can indicate

The MRI report of the prostate has a great contribution to detect cancer and benign tumors. One of its advantages is the non-invasive technique, which sometimes does not require a biopsy to diagnose diseases. In this scenario, the investigation of injuries is performed with more comfort and safety for the patient . Another important role is in the staging of prostate cancer , since MRI provides essential details for defining the appropriate treatment . I explain more about the prostate resonance exam in the next few lines, including electronic report options to optimize the delivery of results . What can the MRI of the prostate indicate? The MRI report of the prostate can indicate a series of alterations in this gland of the male reproductive system. The test has high accuracy for prostate cancer , which is the second most common among Brazilians second only to non-melanoma skin cancer.

What can the MRI of the prostate indicate?

It can also detect benign masses and nodules present in the gland. They are classified in the first two levels of the PI-RADS scale. Used to indicate the chances of a lesion corresponding to clinically significant cancer. This is because certain types of tumor can take so long to develop that they do not have a considerable impact Cayman Islands Mobile Number List on the patient’s health. In these cases, they only require monitoring. A rapidly growing lesion, on the other hand , can put the well-being and even the life of the patient at risk if not treated. Remembering that early diagnosis increases the chances of healing by up to 90% . What is a prostate MRI? Magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate is a test that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to non-invasively capture images of the gland. This imaging method helps in the diagnosis of prostatic lesions.

How is the MRI of the prostate done?

In the face of abnormalities in the digital examination or increased levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA). It is up to the urologist to request or not MRI of the prostate, at a stage prior to the biopsy. When there is suspicion of a malignant tumor. The imaging method is very useful, providing data to assess the need for a biopsy. By viewing details Mobile Numbers of the lesion, the specialist physician will be able to identify its harmful. Hotential and whether it is necessary to proceed with histopathological analysis. Along with the characteristics of the lesion, it is worth considering the common symptoms of prostate cancer : Change in urinary frequency and patterns visible hematuria Erectile Dysfunction. Next, I explain how prostate MRI is performed. How is the MRI of the prostate done? It all starts with patient orientation, including a 4-hour fast . Before entering the exam room.

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