Pneumothorax on x-ray here’s how to diagnose the condition

Identifying pneumothorax on X-ray is a common task in emergency and urgency services. The diagnosis is based on clinical manifestations such as dyspnea and acute chest pain , using radiography to confirm the condition. The information provided by. The chest X-ray is of great relevance even for determining the size of the pneumothorax and defining the ideal treatment . However, the low sensitivity of the test requires high analytical capacity and knowledge about the anatomy of thoracic structures, so that small changes are perceived. I talk more about them in the next lines, in addition to good practices for evaluating X-rays and the benefits of results issued via telemedicine . How to identify pneumothorax on X-ray? The combination of suggestive symptoms and chest X-ray is capable of confirming or ruling out the suspicion of pneumothorax. Especially when there is a history of events and/or diseases capable of causing this condition.

How to identify pneumothorax on X-ray?

Asthma Tuberculosis Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Transthoracic needle aspiration, and other invasive medical procedures. In order to better understand how the diagnosis of pneumothorax occurs based on the X-ray examination , let’s understand more about this condition. Pneumothorax is a condition characterized by the entry Belgium Mobile Number List of air into the pleural cavity, located between the lungs and the rib cage. The presence of air between the two layers of the pleura (the membrane that surrounds the lungs and the inner part of the chest wall) increases local pressure, triggering lung collapse . There are different types of pneumothorax, classified according to the cause and complications. The most serious is the hypertensive type , which occurs when air progressively enters the pleural cavity and is trapped in the membrane. Gradually, the pressure on the organs and blood vessels of the thorax increases, and may trigger shock if there is no quick help.

What is pneumothorax?

There is also spontaneous pneumothorax , which can be primary or secondary. The primary type is rarer, usually affecting young people and smokers or who. Have subpleural blisters due to hereditary factors. These bubbles rupture , allowing air to pass from the lungs into Mobile Numbers the pleural cavity. Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax is often more severe, resulting from lung pathologies such as COPD. Cystic fibrosis, and certain types of pneumonia . The accumulation of air in the pleural cavity can still be a consequence of trauma ( traumatic type) or invasive health procedures (iatrogenic pneumothorax). Can X-ray identify pneumothorax? Yes , chest X-rays are capable of identifying pneumothorax, especially in cases where there are larger volumes of air in the pleural cavity . Normally, the exam is performed in an orthostatic position and during inspiration to highlight the condition. Simple, painless and non-invasive, CXR provides internal images of the bony framework.

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