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These three areas help to take each prospect through the proper customer journey. Top of the funnel Middle of the funnel Bottom of the funnel Top of the funnel content includes getting your audience interested in your product. An example of this type of content is a blog post that broadly educates a prospect through “ultimate guide” style content. Middle of the funnel is where you try to convince a customer that they have a problem and need help solving it with your software. Examples of middle of the funnel content are a webinar or a video. Bottom-of-the-funnel content convinces customers to purchase from you as opposed to competitors, or upgrade their account if they’re in a trial phase or purchased a lower-tier option of your product.

Focus on High Quality Content

Use your content document to provide direction and specificity when it comes to pushing out new content. Content Strategy Ideas Japan B2B List There are many types of content to use within the three sales funnel stages as you work on your SaaS marketing goals. Blog posts – Blog posts should take the form of educational pieces, success stories from other customers who have used your product successfully, and reviews of competitors. Videos – Video content can reveal new features in a release. Or, it can give an overview of how the software works for various personas within your target market (e.g., IT managers or marketing directors). Whitepapers and eBooks – If you have any research that supports your solution’s superiority, or tips and tricks that customers can use to get the most out of their purchase, then you should create a downloadable resource for customers.

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Webinars – A webinar is a great way to drive awareness of your brand while providing value in the form of new features or best practices. Podcasts – Podcasts are another way to build your email list through content marketing and gather Mobile Numbers valuable insights from industry leaders in your space. SlideShares – SlideShares are great resources for showcasing customer success stories. They also work to add a human element to the features of what you’re selling. Landing Pages for Email Subscriptions Your SaaS company should have a landing page for every piece of content it puts out. These pages are where you can capture email addresses from people who express interest in your company’s product or service. Funnel posts on your blog.

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