Overcoming Loneliness and Loneliness

Feeling alone and lonely may be one of the main problems in life for some people.

The silence is sometimes very painful.

It’s like walking aimlessly, without planning where it will end.

It is suffering in fear.

According to John T. Cacioppo 1, silence is a disease.

It causes inflammation in the body, slowly clogs the arteries, causes diabetes, and causes depression.

There is no cure for this disease other than we ourselves stop to live

Loneliness means that a person does not have Database meaningful relationships with other people.

Feeling lonely does not mean that it only happens when we are alone.

You can also still feel lonely even though there are many people around you.

It’s like being in a dark room. You are among thousands of people, but no one is aware of your existence..

.. makes you believe you mean nothing to anyone.

So, how to overcome loneliness and loneliness?
Du’a is a place where sadness echoes and disappears.


Only God can remove the silence and loneliness that nests in the heart.

Increase prayer and prayer God willing, as long as you remember Him you’ll be okay


You wouldn’t be discouraged even once, if you Mobile Numbers knew what you were looking for

— Saidina Umar.

Seek God. inshaAllah we will not be anxious.

In addition, the easiest method to treat this problem is to use social media such as Facebook to interact with other people in daily life.

To overcome loneliness and loneliness, we need to feel that we are important, and that others care about what we do and say.

And with social media (or even a blog), if you have a lot of followers or friends, and actively interact with them…

.. it can give you that ‘feeling’.

And in this way, to some extent will reduce your feeling of loneliness.

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