Media Planning and Buying Explained

The list of the different digital media channels goes on and on. As media continues to grow, it can be hard to keep up. A busy brand doesn’t have the time for that. Understandable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to help you create a media strategy and another to implement it for the best price? That’s exactly the role of the media buyer and media planner. This post will walk you through the basics of media planning and buying. First off, let’s compare these two processes. What Is Media Planning? Media planning is the process of arranging and managing advertising objectives by choosing the right mix of media vehicles to reach its target audience A media buyer is flexible during this process as they gather data about the campaign’s performance. If the project gets off course, they can use spec.

What Is Media Planning

Media planners figure out which marketing channel to use for a new campaign. To make the most effective decision, they will complete research Bahrain B2B List to figure out how to deliver what the client wants. They will then set a budget, outline objectives and goals for the campaign, and choose more than one platform if necessary. A media planner will have certain skill sets to get the job done, such as: Attention to detail Negotiation skills Commercial awareness Understanding of numeracy and data analysis Confidence Organizational skills Thought leadership Interpersonal and communication skills The process of media planning includes these four steps: Internal Market Research Conducting internal market research involves learning everything possible about the client. A media planner will soon understand the client’s brand identity to determine their unique selling point.

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Internal Market Research

External Market Research External market research is about looking at what the competitors in the same industry are doing. A media planner Mobile Numbers will explore how a brand is currently creating ads and how it compares to the competition. They’ll also look at the intended audience and what attracts them. It will help them decide on what media outlets to use. Setting Objectives and Goals A campaign is created with the combination of what the client wants and what the media planner believes they should achieve. A media planner can make every dollar of your marketing budget work in your favor. By working with media buyers, a media planner can create objectives and goals they can reach for a brand.

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