Malvertising filtering system

Helps you improve your ad revenue through AI-powered monetization. It uses artificial intelligence technology to intelligently maximize your ad settings. This can be done by monitoring more than 100 data points in real-time, such as advertiser demand levels, page speeds, and user browsing behaviors. Snigel guarantees revenue for every impression you create by creating your ad settings for you.

Snigel Products

Snigel implements a state-of-the-art ML Chinese American Phone Number List and allows AdEngine to optimize each auction using rotating bidders and floor prices to ensure the highest and fastest winning bid. Plus, it gives you the most competitive CPMs that increase auction intensity, allowing for maximum profitability.

Technical specifications

Special Database

  • Ad Auction  Optimization
  • Asynchronous Ad Load
  • Core web vitals optimization
  • Integration with many sources of Mobile Numbers of demand, such as Ad Exchange and 50 SSP.
  • Adblock Revenue Recovery
  • Smart auction technology
  • Support for flexible, cross-platform ad sizes

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